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Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 1Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 2Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 3
Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 4Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 5Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 6
Prism Tensor 3.1m - view 7  

Prism Tensor 3.1m

339.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

The smallest of three sizes, the Prism Tensor 3.1 is a beautifully constructed and versatile power kite for land-based kite traction sports and all-around fun. It will fly easily in 3-4mph with minimal pull, start to develop power from about 12 mph and really pull hard in 18+, perfect for windier locations and learning the basics safely.

Engineered to be more than just a trainer, the Prism Tensor 3.1 package makes it simple and safe to get into power kiting with a dual-line control bar, safety leash and quick release, all set up and ready to fly. Once you’ve learned basic control, Prism's innovative convertible bar system transforms into rugged quad-line handles for the extra control and maneuverability you need to take on traction sports like buggying, snow kiting and landboarding without spending any more money on your gear. Simply separate the bar at the machined aluminum center joiner and insert the two end fittings to make quad handles. Kite Killers for quadline mode are pre-installed, so just reattach the brakelines and you’re ready to ride. Handles allow sensitive control to generate maximum power from the wind, and can be used with a line between the top ends for use with a harness. In either mode, the Tensor’s medium aspect wing is powerful but forgiving, with a smooth acceleration that doesn’t bite and confident edge performance without collapsing like high-aspect race kites. With all lines pre-attached and ready to fly, the Prism Tensor 3.1 package includes everything you need for serious fun in a gorgeous backpack/duffel with extra room for a second kite or accessories. Color-coded lines, handles and pigtails make setup and adjustment easy, and the multiple safety systems mean you can kill all power on the kite instantly just by letting go of the bar or handles. In a real emergency, the control bar quick-release lets you jettison kite and bar altogether. Built to paraglider standards from silicone coated nylon, the wing includes reinforced inlets, dirt-outs to easily remove sand from the cells, and stitched Dyneema bridles to reduce snags and hold optimum wing shape under load. Prism's Power Trim system allows 3 easy bridle settings to adjust power and performance in different winds. Flying lines are precision measured and stretched Modulus Spectra for quick response and long life. Also included is a stainless ground stake and sheath to secure the kite, and a comprehensive, well illustrated flight manual that’ll get you flying quickly and safely.

Best size for stronger winds and lighter pilots

Forgiving edge handling and controllable acceleration for land-based fun and traction sports

Dual-control bar converts to quad handles with no additional gear needed

Power Trim adjustable bridle with three power settings for different winds

Ready to fly with convertible bar and safety systems pre-installed

Paraglider quality construction and materials

Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate

Wing Span 126" (320 cm)

Sail Area 33.4 sq ft (3.1 sq m)

Wind Range 5 mph + (8 kmh +)

Speed Moderate

Pull Very Strong

Sail Material Ripstop Nylon

Cells 18

Flying Lines 65’ x 200 lbs (19.8 m x 90.7 kg),

65’ x 500 lbs (19.8 m x 226.8 kg)

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