Some Useful Kite Flying Tips

Many thanks Close Encounters Kite Display Team for putting together some really useful instructional videos that are sure to help you enjoy your kite.

How To Set Up Your Stunt Kite

This video will help you set up your new stunt kite correctly and safely. Another useful tutorial from Close Encounters Kites.

Stunt Kite Flying For Beginners

This is a great tutorial video from Close Encounters Kites that will help you to keep your stunt kite in the air. Practice the first part for a long time before you try a circle. You will probably need to watch the clip several times.

How To Pack Your Stunt Kite Away

When you have finished flying your new stunt kite you need to pack it away correctly. Another useful tutorial from Close Encounters Kites.

Lark's Head Knot

One of the most useful and easiest ways of attaching your flying lines to either a single line. stunt or power kite. Explained here by Close Encounters Kites

How To Sleeve Your Flying Lines

Most performance stunt kites will come with a set for quality low stretch flying lines. You will see that they have a sleeveing sheath over the ends. The reason for this is that if you were to just tie a knot in the flying line itself it will end up weakening the line, so it is protected by the polyester sheath. This video shows how to re sleeve your flying lines, this may be because they have stretched slightly or have broken. (If you do not have sleeving on the lines of the kite you have just bought, don't worry it is a type of line that does not need to be sleeved) Sleeving kits are available

The Right Knot

If you need to make a new knot in the end of your flying line take a look at this tutorial from Close Encounters Kites.

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