Prism Stunt Kite Spares

Prism Kite Spares

If your looking at this section of our website you are probably either thinking of buying a Prism Stunt Kite and checking out what spares are available. Or maybe you already own a Prism Kite and have broken a part.
Any Stunt kite from any manufacturer can break, no matter how much it costs.
The good news is Prism Kites are one of very few kite manufacturers that offer a full range of spare parts for their kites, and at Kiteworld we usually have all parts in stock.
Accidents can happen!. That nose dive you just couldn't pull out of, or that wing tip ground pass that went just a bit too low!
Not a problem, just order the parts you need and we will get you flying again.
Please note these spares are for the range of Prism Kites. They will not fit any other make of kites.

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