Stunt Kites

Dual Line Stunt Kites

We have a superb selection of stunt kites available from the worlds top manufacturers, these include Prism designs, HQ Invento, Colours In Motion, and Skydog Kites. Two line kites fall into three main categories, these being the diamond shape (made famous by Peter Powell) which comes with a long tail to add to stability, making them an ideal beginners choice, Delta wing stunt kites, which are an arrow head shape. This design offers great performance due to it's streamline shape. These come in a wide range of sizes. The general rule is that the wider the wing span the easier the kite is to fly. Most designs are able to be used with a tail (Available separately) This will slow the kite down so is a good option for beginners Our top level kites are made from high performance carbon. Finally we offer a range of stunt foils in various sizes. These are great fun and as they have no frame are very durable.

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